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With Probes of Russian Lines, Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Takes Shape

The 3rd Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at the front line south of Bakhmut on Friday.

From ‘Pariah’ to Partner, Saudi Leader Defies Threats to Isolate Him

A photograph released by the Saudi state news media showing Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman chairing the 43rd session of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh, on the sidelines of the Gulf Arab Chinese Summit in December.

Pope’s Doctors Say He’s on the Mend, but Advise Rest and No Events

The Policlinico A. Gemelli hospital in Rome where Pope Francis is recovering.

Boris Johnson’s Comeback Hopes May Be Dimmer Than He Thinks

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain at Westminster Hall in London in February. He was a member of Parliament until Friday, when he resigned suddenly.

Colombia’s Mustard Lovers Grow Desperate Amid Dijon Shortage

Steak tartare with mustard at Flambeé, a popular French restaurant in Bogotá.

Zelensky Gives Strongest Confirmation Yet Counteroffensive Has Begun

The 3rd Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front line south of Bakhmut on Friday.

Science Fiction From Latin America, With Zombie Dissidents and Aliens in the Amazon

As Ukraine Launches Counteroffensive, Definitions of ‘Success’ Vary

Ukrainian forces firing at Russian positions in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine on Wednesday.

Battles Rage as Ukraine Tries to Retake Russian-Occupied Territory

The 3rd Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at the front line south of Bakhmut on Friday.

Manipur, India’s Blood-Soaked War Zone

Burned buildings in Imphal, the capital of the Indian state of Manipur.

Children Missing in Amazon Jungle Found Alive After 40 Days

Colombia Armed Forces soldiers and Indigenous search team members with the four children who had been missing since May 1, when the plane they were on crashed in the rainforest.

What to Know About Canada’s Exceptional Wildfire Season

The smoke from multiple wildfires last month in Edmonton, Alberta.

President Vucic Plays Up His Role as Defender of Serbs

Protesters in Belgrade called on Friday for the resignation of top officials after two mass shootings that killed 18 people in May.

Can He Fix ‘Palace of Scaffolding’ in Time for Belgium’s 200th Birthday?

André Demesmaeker’s job is a renovator’s dream and a public architect’s nightmare. He is the architect assigned to finish the reconstruction of the Palace of Justice’s stone facade by 2030.

Ukraine Attacks Along a 600-Mile Front, While Grappling With Flood Crisis

Ukrainian troops on Friday at the front line south of Bakhmut, where they have made some headway in recent days.

Annecy Stabbings Lead to Charges Against Syrian Refugee

A memorial for victims of the attack in the Jardins de l’Europe park in Annecy, France.

Global Reaction to Trump Indictment Runs the Gamut

The world, it seems, is calculating the costs and opportunities of the latest Trump revelations transfixing and dividing the United States after former President Donald J. Trump was indicted.

Col. Lanny Acosta, Guantánamo Judge, Faces Ethics Challenge

Camp Justice is where the military commission proceedings are held for detainees charged with war crimes.

Trump’s Indictment Is Unavoidably Political

Jack Smith, the special counsel assigned to lead the investigation into Donald Trump.

Orange and Smoky Skies Over a Province That Rolled Back Climate Measures

Smoke and haze from wildfires in Ontario and Quebec over Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Arizona, Low on Water, Weighs Taking It From the Sea. In Mexico.

Shrimp boats in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, after a day of fishing in the Gulf of California.

Children Killed in Somalia Mortar Shell Explosion

Canada’s Ability to Prevent Forest Fires Lags Behind the Need

The headquarters of Quebec’s forest firefighting agency, in Roberval, where all operations for the northern part of the province are managed.

How to Help Thousands of Canadians Displaced by Wildfires

Camp beds set up to accommodate displaced people from Chibougamau, Quebec, in the Roberval emergency center.

Boris Johnson Resigns From Parliament

Boris Johnson has been under investigation over whether he lied to Parliament over lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pope Francis and Silvio Berlusconi Both Hospitalized in Italy

Pope Francis at the apostolic palace overlooking St. Peter’s Square in The Vatican this week.

A Surprising Supreme Court Decision’s History With the American South

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Washington D.C., on Thursday.

Will Wildfires Like Canada’s Become the New Normal?

The smoke from Canadian wildfires in Manhattan Thursday morning.

U.S. Releases Details on Iran’s Help With Russian Drone Factory

Emergency workers at the site of a building damaged in a drone attack in Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine, in March.

U.S. Spy Satellites Detected Explosion Before Ukraine Dam Collapse, Official Says

A satellite image showing the Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric plant on Wednesday.

Four Australian Shows and Movies for Your Watchlist

From left: Hattie Hook, Thom Green and Elias Anton in a scene from “Of An Age.”

Macron Meets Victims and ‘Backpack Hero’ After Stabbing Attack in France

A woman laying flowers Friday for the victims of a stabbing attack in the Jardins de l’Europe park in Annecy, France.

An Everest Climber Had ‘No Energy, No Oxygen, Nothing.’ A Sherpa Saved Him.

Ngima Tashi Sherpa descending Mount Everest last month with a stricken climber on his back. Another guide, Gelje Sherpa, had previously carried the climber down from Everest’s perilous “death zone.”

Sweden to Allow NATO Troop on Its Soil

Troops taking part in NATO exercises in Estonia in May.

Another Indictment

Donald Trump in January.

Dam’s Destruction Reshapes Ukraine, but Not Arc of the War

An area near the Kakhovka dam and its reservoir as seen from a damaged apartment building in Vesele, Ukraine, a village on the Dnipro River in the Kherson region on Thursday.

In Thailand, Defamation Lawsuits Can Make Free Speech Costly

Puttanee Kangkun, in Bangkok in April, holding the court documents about her defamation charge.

Your Friday Briefing

Donald Trump is the first former American president to face federal charges.

China to Build Station That Could Spy on U.S. from Cuba, Officials Say

The Capitol in Havana, Cuba.

Canadian Wildfires Are Burning Where They Rarely Have Before

Rey Steve Mabiala and his wife, Liz Gouari, taking refuge at the Roberval emergency center after being ordered to evacuate Chibougamau, Quebec, as a fire approached.

Ukraine Attacks Russian Positions as Signs of Counteroffensive Grow

Troops of the Ukrainian 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade at a position near Avdiivka, in the Donetsk region, firing toward Russian positions on Wednesday.

Blinken’s Visit to Saudi Arabia Caps Biden Effort to Rebuild Ties

Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s three-day visit to Saudi Arabia is the most obvious effort yet by the Biden administration to smooth relations with the Saudi government.

Your Friday Briefing: A Major Ukrainian Offensive

Fighting in the Donetsk region this week prompted U.S. authorities to say that the counteroffensive may have begun.

Zelensky Visits Kherson, and Russia Shells Flooded City

Residents being evacuated in Kherson, Ukraine, on Thursday. The authorities have warned that the flooding has dislodged land mines and mixed with dangerous pollutants.

FDA Panel Recommends RSV Shot to Protect Infants

Up to 80,000 children younger than 5 are hospitalized annually in the United States with respiratory syncytial virus and up to 300 die.

Wild Mammals Roamed When Covid Kept Humans Home

Mountain goats roaming the empty streets of Llandudno, Wales, in March 2020.

U.S. Suspends Food Aid for Ethiopia, Citing Widespread Theft

A group with food aid in Agula, in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, in 2021.

How Phone Messages Sped the Fall of President Milo Djukanovic in Montenegro

Kotor Bay, Montenegro. The country’s institutions have long been plagued by corruption and links to organized crime.

Kherson is hit by Russian shelling hours after a Zelensky visit.

An explosion in a flooded area of Kherson, Ukraine, on Thursday. Ukrainian officials accused Russian forces of shelling several locations in the city.

Man Tied to Natalee Holloway Disappearance Is Extradited to U.S.

Joran van der Sloot, center, was escorted to the airport in Lima, Peru, on Thursday before his expected extradition to the United States.

Wildfire Smoke From Canada Is Expected to Reach Norway

The smoke that has covered cities across Canada and the northeastern United States was expected to shift over Norway on Thursday

Pope Francis Is Doing Well After Hernia Surgery, Vatican Says

Pope Francis leaving his weekly general audience at St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on Wednesday.

Wildfire Smoke Envelops the U.S.

Satellite Images Show Scale of Flooding From Ukraine Dam Collapse

Knife Attack in France Critically Injures 4 Children

French police officers working Thursday at the scene of a stabbing attack at the Jardins de l’Europe in Annecy.

China’s Crackdown on Mosque Domes is Drawing Rare Resistance

Arabic script on the walls outside a mosque in a village in Yunnan Province, China, in 2019. Mosques across Yunnan are being closed or renovated as part of a government campaign.

Canadian Wildfires, Smoke and Heat Herald Climate Extremes

Smoke from Canadian wildfires turned New York City’s sky a deep, unsettling yellow on Wednesday.

Cross-Border Skirmishes Heighten Anxiety for Ukrainian Villagers

“We are usually the first on the scene,” said Oleksiy Kharkivsky, chief of the patrol police in Vovchansk, at the remains of a market hit by Russia.

Biden and Sunak Say Their Countries Will Support Ukraine for the Long Haul

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain and President Biden both expressed confidence in their continued support for Ukraine on Thursday.

Your Thursday Briefing

Rescuers searched for those needing help in Kherson.

Canada Wildfires Renew Calls for a National Fire Service

Unusually high wildfire activity is expected in Canada this summer.

What Is the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund?

Numerous Saudi officials, including the governor of the Saudi Public Investment Fund, Yasir al-Rumayyan, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, center, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2021.